Playing our way

JiL Hemming Game Designer
JiL Hemming Game Designer (Photograph by Janet Bayly)

Playing our way

Kia Ora.  Here we are, on islands like no others. Tips of the (mostly) submerged continent of Zealandia, in the landscape of Aotearoa / New Zealand.

From here, come my environmental games.  Where we’re sometimes co-operating, sometimes competing, yet always with good heart.

I hope you’ll enjoy being gameful in our rich natural world too.  Being kakariki / green, and playing our way!

Nga mihi nui. JiL Hemming.  Game Designer

Flight of Pollen board game box

Flight of Pollen 

When a plant is old enough, it starts making flowers. Each flower is an open invite to you, as our pollinators, to come visit.

If the flower’s right for you, and if it’s a good day to be out, then by DAY and by NIGHT, you’ll come.

Male pollen grains stick to your body and go out on you: female receptacles collect them back in.

If together you visit often enough, then there’ll be ensuing new seeds and new berries for you to carry and collect.

Each plant goes to all this effort so that somewhere, someday, a new one will grow. Grow up and replace the old. The same: but different.

Cloak of Protection

Cloak of Protection

To save our birds, you need to trade, draw & play to create a feather cloak of 15 cards, in one bird realm: forest, settlement, sea, or extinct.

But BEWARE! Each card sports some predators – will they threaten your realm?

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