Flight of Pollen

Flight of Pollen
Flight of Pollen

I’ve been away (mainly on Waiheke Island) working on Flight of Pollen, for the past two years. All the while, the indominatible Cushla, has been busy too, both illustrating + researching.

Pollination in Aoteaoroa / New Zealand is totally fascinating!

This year, 2017, with help from Wellington Enviroschools (& others), we’re testing in schools. If you’d like to follow as students from a variety of schools test the game, ┬áplease subscribe to the list below.

Later there’ll be fundraising campaign, with a launch at the Mahara Gallery in September. The Mahara is where we launched my first game, Cloak of Protection, and I’m really greatful for their on-going support.


Laid out on the ground-cloth are the flowers of the forest of Aotearoa / New Zealand (TILES). Together DAY & NIGHT must co-operate to pollinate them (PLAYER DISCS). Do that, then the team that collects the most berries, wins!

A game in four chapters.

ngaro / hoverfly
ngaro huruhuru / native bee
pi honi / honey bee
pi rorohu / bumble bee
korimako / bellbird
kereru (berry eater)

purehurehu / large hebe looper moth
North Island zebra liche moth
cabbage tree moth
moko papa / forest gecko
peka-peka-tou-photo / short-tailed bat
brown kiwi (berry eater)