Flight of Pollen

Flight of Pollen
Flight of Pollen – in development

Forest ground-cloth
4 chapters (A,B,C,D) with element cards, playing discs, and flower tiles
9 Storm cards
Pollen counters, ripening squares, markers (all made from recycled materials)

2-6 players
Ages 10 – adult
Length of play (all chapters): 1-2 hours
Designer. JiL Hemming
Illustrator/Researcher. Cushla McGaughey
Graphic Designer. Don Little / Kurt Shanly


Laid out out the ground-cloth are the flowers of the forest of Aotearoa/New Zealand (TILES). Together DAY and NIGHT (DISCS), must cooperate to carry enough pollen to each tile.

When enough pollen is landed, and the sun has ripened them into seeds and berries, then the tiles are turned over. Now the team that collects the most berries wins!

Played over 4 chapters, each chapter has 8 element cards (ROUNDS). Wind, water, & sun, affect pollinator movement – check the back of each disc – and wind & water can move tiles too.

CHAPTER A: Lifting off & landing pollen
CHAPTER B: Wind is a pollinator too
CHAPTER C: Passage of berries
CHAPTER D: Clearing the ground

“Calculating, tactical and strategical” Lochie, 12 yrs
“Awesome and exciting” Finn, 14 yrs
“Thriller” Ya’akov, 9 yrs + his dad
..”includes teamwork” Rakaia, 11 yrs
“Challenging” Aston, 9 yrs