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5 Glorious Gods and Goddesses

Tangaroa God of the sea.
His waves crash onto the sand.
His sons and daughters dive and swim in the deep.
Tangaroa gives no mercy to the creatures that harm his children.

Pandora with long black hair
and a purple dress,
her red scarf goes around her like a ribbon.
She opens the box.
Danger is ahead.

Minerva, Goddess of human settlement.
Makes peace from wars.
Her power is great.
Her fire swelters with flames.
Her spear is pointy.
Her helmet looks like a soaring hawk.

Tane Mahuta, the God of the forests.
Nature is his soul.
His friends are like his brothers.
The forest is his family.  The forest covers him whole.

Hine nui te Po,
The Goddess of darkness and death.
Great lady of the night and queen of the underworld
Wife and daughter of Tane Mahuta, god of the forests.

The five glorious gods

by Maha Frier, Waikanae Primary school, age 9
printed with her permission, from Native Habitats, Waikanae Children’s Creations: Mahara Gallery,  June 2012

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  1. What a great poem.

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