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growing the future in the school gardens

Setting up the Enviroshools tent
Setting up the Enviroshools tent
Here’s Karyn & Arihia setting up the Enviroschools tent at Kapiti’s Sustainable Home & Garden Show. Held last weekend in the glittering sun.

Among other events, there was Cloak of Protection being played inside (Enviroschools Wellington being my biggest supporter).

The theme this year was ‘Bees, butterflies and bugs’. There were fourteen gardens from local Early Childhood Centres, Primary Schools & Colleges.

At the centre of the school gardens ecosytems were alive! Bees joined us. Music wafted into our tent, chimes from one school, especially composed music from another.

Sunday afternoonHere’s a pic of Karyn (with Natalie, the local water educator) at the end of the weekend. She’s dancing outside our tent, among the school gardens.

Obviously we had a very good time!!

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nostalgia time

Here’s 3 pictures, just come in, from the year that was. Courtesy of two Wellington Enviroschools.

In the first, the girls at Paraparaumu Playcentre are teaching Cloak of Protection to the boys.

In the other pics, students at Kapanui school were playing the game during Game Week (in September).

It’s been an unbelievably fabulous year for spreading the Cloak.

Wishing you all many more happy games (of all kinds) this summer.

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at the Paraparaumu Playcentre

This weekend was the Paraparaumu Playcentre Craft Fair. And, because they are an enviroschool, Cloak of Protection was invited to be there, on their table. Along with the bamboo toothbrush & cotton-buds (which I bought).

I felt so nostalgic for when my daughter was little & the game just begun & the first cards were made for a kindy craft-fair. It hit me like a wall!!

It’s such a beautiful place to be – inside & outside their new building. They planned to be as environmentally responsible as possible, making full efficient use of the site & location.

I could have stopped & played all day!

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CHRISTMAS holiday gift offer

Wellington Enviroschools & Kakariki games are having a Christmas holiday gift offer on Cloak of Protection.

It’s quite simple. For Nov/Dec every 5 games that are bought where your school is nominated, they’ll get a free game (Karyn says that a school can never have too many games!!).

This replaces the other promotion, in that, for these 2 months, every time your school hits a multiple of 5 sold, they’ll get a game.

And, any school can join in – enviroschool or not! If your school is not already registered as part of our network, then contact me & I’ll put your school name where people can choose you on the buy page.

You can download the poster from the top of the RHS column. You could put it up where parents will see it, &/or put a smaller black&white version in the school newsletter, &/or do anything else you can think of. . .

Thankyou all for being a part of playing the game. It feels so much more alive this Christmas!

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Game Week is ON!!!

Enviroshools_wellington_Small22 Wellington (+ 2 Taranaki) enviroschools have enrolled for Cloak of Protection Game Week 9-15 September.

Each day a running total of games played will show on this page. You’ll be able to see the numbers by school after 7pm each evening.

And, of course, there’ll be prizes & stories & photos & videos. Should be good fun!! Hope you’ll all be watching!

And a big thankyou to all the teachers who have put down their schools. Kakariki Games is proud to be associated with Enviroschools.

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Cloak of Protection Game week

Publicity is now out for Cloak of Protection Game Week.

We aim to get as many students and adults associated with Enviroschools Wellington & Taranaki, playing Cloak of Protection, during Conservation Week, 9-15 Sept 2013 (Week 7 of Term 3).
Daily totals of games played will build up each evening of Game Week, right here, on this site.

This has been a real team-effort. Thanks to: Karyn Burgess, Enviroschool Wellington for rattling my idea into shape; web-magician Andrew Rundle-Keswick for plotting out the nuts & bolts of recording via the web-site; and Kurt & Don for the graphics. AWESOME!

To get more info right now, click on the logo on the RHS of this page. There you can also down-load the flier, & also the instruction sheet – teaching the game to groups.

Should be a blast!

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more pics from Wairarapa enviroschools

Emily Murray, St Patricks; Josh Taylor, Whareama; Melissa, Lakeview; Anika Stewart, Gladstone; Claudia Hawkes, St Patricks: show the four suits of Cloak of Protection with Jil Hemming, the creator of the game (ie me), holding up the kaupapa of conservation.
Josh Taylor fron Whareama building his extinct birds cloak.

Below I’m overseeeing Anika Stewart, Gladstone School; Liz Keane, St Patricks; & Josh Taylor, Whareama. Anika is negotiating a trade with Josh.

Thanks to Gill Stewart & Esther Dijkstra, enivroschools facilitators in the Wairarapa, for organising 2 great sessions over the past 2 weeks. Makes my heart sing to see those cloaks being laid out all over the floor!

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Masterton Enviroschools cluster

Last Thursday students and teachers from 5 primary schools gathered to learn how to play the Cloak of Protection game. Words & photos from Gill Stewart, local enviroschools facilitator.

They were hosted by St Patricks School in Masterton.

In the hall, JiL Hemming, the creator of the game, enthusiastically shares her passion for the game all over the Lower North Island with students in schools.

It is a game that can be played by students from 7 years up to 99 years. Jill reports some families play it for hours at a time.

Here we are sharing the Enviroschools way:
Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua.

Care for the land – care for the people – go forward.

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Taranaki Regional Enviroschools Day

Taranaki was a blast! First we went out to Toko School where all of Mrs Stark’s class learnt the game. They were quick & smart!

So – the next day, at beautiful Pukeiti, they helped me teach the game.

It was the Taranaki Regional Enviroschools Day. We had 10 schools, and over 120 students who came to us in groups of 30+. So we put them into groups of 4, and with each group we had either a Toko School student, or an adult.

We were really fortunate that Mrs Stark was there, and that she has one of those voices that make students stop and listen!!

So, everyone there – including the adults – learnt the game. This is a massive thankyou to Mrs Stark and her students. You made it happen really smoothly!

Then, on the last day, we played at Puke Ariki “Discover it”. The central library in New Plymouth. We had a draw afterwards, and a game is on its way to St John Bosco School, in Fitzroy. Congratulations!