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at the NZAEE conference

Me as weather-controller in Flight of Pollen
Anneke picking up and dropping of Pollen
Predators have ravaged Ben’s Cloak (right)

Cloak building at Zealandia

in April, environmental educators gathered in Wellington for the annual NZAEE conference. On the Thursday evening, while some went off on a night-tour of Zealandia (and saw kiwi) we played games! Kakariki Games.

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let’s pollinate. Flight of Pollen
OR share (for those of you who already can-do)


Otari-Wilton’s Bush Information Centre, WELLINGTON
SUNDAY 15 April 2pm

Mahara Gallery, Waikanae, KAPITI COAST
TUESDAY 17 April 1pm

Zealandia (for attendees of NZAEE Conference ONLY)
THURSDAY 19 April 8.30pm

Stonefields, AUCKLAND (contact me for more details)
SUNDAY 29 April 2pm

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Under the Story Tree

We’d love to see you under the Story Tree, says Tanya Batt, at Whakanewha Regional Park, for our January environmental storytelling programme.

Tanya and her cohorts were testers for Flight of Pollen. I’ve just done a quick trip back to Waiheke Island to play the finished game with her. There I was treated like a queen – even sleeping in her big red story bus!

The world of insects & other things that creep & leap; we’re going on a bug hunt; pollinator power; day wings, night sings; what’s the buzz; meet me under the story tree; creep, crawl – dance & sing

That’s the pollinator programme that will be under the story tree on Waiheke Island this January.

To make a booking email

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in Taupo

Cloak of Protection. Taupo library.
Friday 27 – Sunday 29 October. Friday morning was playing with environmental educators, Friday evening was the launch of Playing in Paradise lead by WonderWoman Jane Penton.

Jane and I have children (now adults) of the same age, and we’ve been friends ever since my daughter was one, and we were living in a caravan on a retreat centre (where I was studying), and it’d been raining for three days straight. . .and Jane picked us both up and has looked after us ever after.

Saturday afternoon was a game session at the Taupo library, ably organised by librarians Moira and Tracey. Big Thankyou to them! We had 20+ game players, and here’s a pic of two girls playing Cloak of Protection.

Sunday morning was a Flight of Pollen around the card table, with all the other people that wander into Jane’s life and home.

Then it was hot river – cold river – hot river – cold river, before home again home again jiggetty-jig.

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Taupo Library

JiL-doll. As I was when I designed Cloak of Protection. Made by Hadia Jane Penton

Taupo District Library. SATURDAY Oct 28, 1-3.30pm.
If you’re in the area, please come play both my New Zealand environmental board games with me.
This is part of the Playing in Paradise exhibition in the Niven Room, at the Taupo Musuem, running Saturday 27 October – Monday 4 December. On display are artworks from Jane Penton, Laura Sue Bailey, Kanai Cowell and some of my early paper works and bird images.

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Flight of Pollen launch

Emily, on the right, shows Katie how to play
Kahu & Ru learning Flight of Pollen

The environmental board game Flight of Pollen launched at the Mahara Gallery on Saturday 2 September.

Designer JiL Hemming (Otaki), illustrator Cushla McGaughey (Waikanae), and graphic designer Don Little (ex-Waikanae), were joined by players from Kapanui School to show-case the new game.

“It takes a village to make a game,” said JiL as she thanked Janet Bayly (director Mahara Gallery), plus pledgers, supporters, game-testers, and many others for their generosity and expertise.

Money toward printing costs was raised via the PledgeMe campaign plus with a generous grant from the Philipp Family Foundation.

The how-to-play videos, made by Kapanui School students, were also launched.