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Miharo! Wonderful!

That was an incredible 2584 games played by 23 enviroschools over Cloak of Protection Game Week 9-15 Sept.

Thankyou for all the comments, the posts, the photos, the compliments, and most of all thankyou for playing & enjoying the game SO MUCH!!

Here’s a picture that summarizes the generosity of the week. 3 Gladstone School students from years 3/4 (the girls in the black t-shirts), travelled to Wainuioru School, and taught the game to students from 2 classes years 4-8.

And here’s a comment from our smallest school, Marco, with 15 students: What a super game and great to have all our students and some parents/grandies involved. Very competitive and a brilliant concept of learning about conservation. You rock

And from Raroa Class, Pukerua Bay. The week was awesome and we love your game. It is the best game ever. . .We have learned a lot about nature.

The Game Week 2013 page is now under Classrom. There you can follow the week that was. The amazing scores as they came in & the feedback on the posts.

Miharo! Wonderful!!!

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Cloak of Protection at Kapanui

We had a fantastic start to our Cloak of Protection week at Kapanui School.  Many new classes took the game to try today and we had a fantastic turnout at lunchtime with 36 children teaching, learning and playing the game.  We were very lucky to have Jill join us at lunchtime!  The children enjoyed feeding back to her their favourite parts of the game.  We played 30 games today.

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Cloak of Protection Game week

Publicity is now out for Cloak of Protection Game Week.

We aim to get as many students and adults associated with Enviroschools Wellington & Taranaki, playing Cloak of Protection, during Conservation Week, 9-15 Sept 2013 (Week 7 of Term 3).
Daily totals of games played will build up each evening of Game Week, right here, on this site.

This has been a real team-effort. Thanks to: Karyn Burgess, Enviroschool Wellington for rattling my idea into shape; web-magician Andrew Rundle-Keswick for plotting out the nuts & bolts of recording via the web-site; and Kurt & Don for the graphics. AWESOME!

To get more info right now, click on the logo on the RHS of this page. There you can also down-load the flier, & also the instruction sheet – teaching the game to groups.

Should be a blast!

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game play-off

On March 28, 36 Waikanae students (years 5-8) came to Nga Manu Nature Reserve for a game play-off.  We had four teams (forest, sea, settlement, extinct).  It took 4 rounds for the  forest team to win!  Photo shows one – of the many – trades.

In between playing there was eel feeding, walking the bush, and seeing the birds.  The new education centre at Nga Manu was a fabulous place for us to be. It was a buzz!

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Local School Programme

I’ve been down at the Mahara Gallery, along with Morgan’s exhibition, for the past 4 weeks.  Playing and playing and playing the game.  I’ve must have played a gazillion times by now, and still no two games have come out the same!

The last 2 weeks we’ve had a school’s programme going with year 5&6 students from our two local schools (Kapanui & Waikanae).  Over 300 students attended. Some students have returned for more sessions, or brought a parent in to play the game too.

Living by a beach, we’re all a bit shocked by the number of sea-birds the ferret (illus) can eat!

The game has also gone up to Taneatua school.  Here’s what their teacher, Sue Sisam, said of her year 7&8 class: ‘‘The game arrived today and the children have been playing it without stopping for an hour. They all said that they think it is really cool. Each time they played it we learnt a new strategy!!!’