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CHRISTMAS holiday gift offer

Wellington Enviroschools & Kakariki games are having a Christmas holiday gift offer on Cloak of Protection.

It’s quite simple. For Nov/Dec every 5 games that are bought where your school is nominated, they’ll get a free game (Karyn says that a school can never have too many games!!).

This replaces the other promotion, in that, for these 2 months, every time your school hits a multiple of 5 sold, they’ll get a game.

And, any school can join in – enviroschool or not! If your school is not already registered as part of our network, then contact me & I’ll put your school name where people can choose you on the buy page.

You can download the poster from the top of the RHS column. You could put it up where parents will see it, &/or put a smaller black&white version in the school newsletter, &/or do anything else you can think of. . .

Thankyou all for being a part of playing the game. It feels so much more alive this Christmas!

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