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Cloak of Protection VIDEO!

We now have a video of the game!! I know it’s a big ask to learn to play a game from written instructions. So finally we have the visuals.

Kurt came with me to Kapanui School where we shot Billie-Jean, Leah, Bailey, Callum & Marie-Louise playing the game.

It was wonderful to be back at Kapanui School. Two years ago, the final testing of the game was done with their students. And since then, these students have helped me promote the game in other ways too.

Working to Kurt’s story-board, we added in the instructions, shot some more footage, I did the voice-over, and here it is!!

A larger version is also available, please click on the image above left to view.

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  1. At school today, Monday 9th September, we played 19 games. All of which had 4 people playing and a couple watching. Way to go Carterton School!

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