Enviroschools Taranaki

Enviroschools Taranaki and Kakariki Games have formed a partnership to develop a teaching, learning and sales network for the Cloak of Protection Aotearoa bird and predator card game.

In this way we are spreading the Cloak across our Taranaki community.

The Enviroschools below, received a free game when they registered. Then, every time their bar hits 10 points & changes colour, they collect another reward. Click here to find out more about the Reward System

If you are in the Taranaki region and would like to register your enviroschool to start teaching, learning and selling, please contact us.

Participating Schools

Marco School

You are a small school, yet you managed to play an amazing 75 games during Game Week. Fabulous!

Matapu School

the game is being played there & in Southland too!

Moturoa Primary

three new games in the community – pleased the game is being played your way!

Spotswood Primary

Six new games in the community. Good going!

St Josephs Waitara

three new games in the community – good going!

Stratford Primary

one new game in the community – good start!

Toko School

four reward points now. glad you’re playing the game in your region!

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Cloak of Protection

card game and support an enviroschool of your choice.

Read about the schools rewards System
(If you do not want to support a school Choose “NO SCHOOL”)

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