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game design

Because Germans play a lot of games they have words to describe the opposing emotions that can be aroused. Gemutlich & Schadenfruede.

Gemutlich: comfort in one’s surroundings. There’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.

Schadenfruede: a thrill at the misfortunes of others. Taking pleasure in the failures and sufferings of someone else.

When you are building a cloak, and you have plenty of birds & power cards in your hand – then your situation feels Gemutlich.

When someone else picks up a really bad predator, which means it hasn’t come to you, then your relief is Schadenfruede.

For some, fun can be found through the Gemutlich accomplishment of constructing a cloak. These people are the open-handed traders.

For others, the real fun is the Schadenfruede of watching (or even still, bringing about with your Pandora) the break-down of another’s cloak.

Every time you sit down to play, the interplay of what drives people keeps the game alive. This is one of the reasons why Cloak plays differently every time.

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