Game Week 2013

Cloak of Protection Game Week

9-15 Sept 2013

Enviroshools_wellington_SmallLet’s get as many students and adults associated with Enviroschools Wellington & Taranaki, playing Cloak of Protection, during Conservation Week, 9-15 Sept 2013 (Week 7 of Term 3).

Daily totals of games played will be building up each evening of Game Week at Game Week Totals

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How Game Week will Work

What is Cloak of Potection?


  • Cloak of Protection is a fun and educational game that holds a mirror to human behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour for conservation of our native bird species. During the game, players engage with the idea that we, and the predators we have introduced, are part of the process of the degradation in this land. However, we can act as kaitiaki/guardians to save and preserve it.
Before game week
  • Make sure some students know the game
  • Register by 16th August (Week 3 of Term 3) Go and fill in your details on the school registration form.
    • Class sets of Cloak of Protection games will be provided to registered schools for the week
  • let students know what’s happening and encourage them to think of creative ways to get as many games played as possible during game week
During game week
  • organize some game playing eg
    • Hold lunch time sessions
    • Rotate your set of games around classes and play as a class
    • Encourage students who have the game at home to play
  • Post daily totals of games played onto the website
    • Someone at your enviroschool needs to email the daily total of games played that day by 6pm each evening (if you do miss one night – it can still go up the next night). By 7pm that night totals will be posted for all schools & regions
    • A game counts for the total when a 5 row cloak is completed (or if the game has taken over 20mins, a 4 row cloak can be considered a completed game).
    • Totals can include games played:
      • at your school
      • anywhere in your community that are not being recorded for another enviroschool
      • at schools who are not enviroschools where you taught the game
      • by family, friends etc anywhere in NZ / the world etc
  • share comments about your experiences playing the game on our blog
  • check the website to see if you have won a prize
    • Every enviroschool who participates and logs games played will receive a small prize. Also, during the week, there will be prizes for things like the highest numbers of games played, highest proportion games played to numbers of students in the school, special blog posts ++++

Cloak of Protection Game Week

2 thoughts on “Game Week 2013

  1. Hiya. We at are registered for Cloak of Protection and the kids played quite a few games last week but I am not sure how to send in our results. We played 26 games (and the kids and staff are NOW on a roll)! Can someone heip please? Cheers, Maz

    1. that’s great Maz – wondered what had happened to you! Will add you total to the results + send you an email.

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