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instructions – do they work?

I’ve received the following feedback about the instructions for the game.

“Staff who were not here when you demod the game are finding the instructions to play confusing. Have asked a couple of members of the public if they could understand it if they bought the product, the answer was no.”

Has anyone else had the same problem??? Plse let me know via the facebook page.

Depending on your feedback, I’ll forward them your responses. Thanks.

Jan Alley (on facebook) wrote “Totally understand the comment as we thought the same but found that once we actually sat down to play they became very clear. Every time we had a doubt we went back to the instructions and they worked. It’s just a matter of trusting the process – and playing!”

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  1. Kia ora
    Yes we are having the same problems, hopefully once someone has given us a demo we will hopefully get on track & share out new learning to the rest of the kura

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