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Is Flight of Pollen educational?

When it came to researching Flight of Pollen we found some interesting gaps in the data.

Old, and no-longer-relevant, data was repeated in current books. New research concentrated on the industrialised honey bee. And cryptic statements were hard to source.

Cushla turned out to be an indominatible researcher, and she took to the Internet with zest.

Slowly, over time, a picture emerged of our biodiversity. We felt like our eyes were opened, and we began to see the world around us in a new light.

Helpfully this comes across in the game. Here’s what one test-player had to say, about the educational aspect of Flight of Pollen

2 thoughts on “Is Flight of Pollen educational?

  1. What an exciting journey this has been, tracking the science of pollination through research old and new, in books and on the Internet. There was a great deal of bad news about threats to honey bees, with food-crop pollination at risk. The good news is that all sorts of pollinators, working in different ways, can help get the job done, just as they do in the forests of Aotearoa.

    1. My eyes see such hope now! It’s been a wonderful journey to make with you Cushla.

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