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Monday of Game Week

Today I was trounced at Pukerua Bay School – they’ve got really crafty at strategy!
And I got this comment from the Principal at Marco School: Our students have played 5 games today. Even our junior students played a game. Rainbows and flowers
145 games played today – you rock!!

4 thoughts on “Monday of Game Week

  1. That’s wonderful!


    Great thinking skills going on here today. (Monday) The class are thinking of different strategies to use whilst trying to look cool and calm! The games are challenging their thinking and building relationships. Ka pai tamariki. The wairua in the class is just great with everybody discussing the finer points of the game and helping one another if needed.

  3. A steady start at Dyer Street School. We played 9 games altogether including the new entrants who also played a game with their teacher and two senior students. Some students have taken games home so it will be interesting to see how many games were played at home. We are looking forward to seeing Jil tomorrow and have planned games during maths and at break too. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE CHILDREN’S CHOICE AWARD. WELL DESERVED.

    1. Thankyou Khandu. I had a really good time visiting Dyer Street. Thankyou for being so hospitable.

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