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more pics from Wairarapa enviroschools

Emily Murray, St Patricks; Josh Taylor, Whareama; Melissa, Lakeview; Anika Stewart, Gladstone; Claudia Hawkes, St Patricks: show the four suits of Cloak of Protection with Jil Hemming, the creator of the game (ie me), holding up the kaupapa of conservation.
Josh Taylor fron Whareama building his extinct birds cloak.

Below I’m overseeeing Anika Stewart, Gladstone School; Liz Keane, St Patricks; & Josh Taylor, Whareama. Anika is negotiating a trade with Josh.

Thanks to Gill Stewart & Esther Dijkstra, enivroschools facilitators in the Wairarapa, for organising 2 great sessions over the past 2 weeks. Makes my heart sing to see those cloaks being laid out all over the floor!

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