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off to Taranaki

This is my Taranaki week. There is a new Tarnaki Enviroschools page on this site – with 10 Taranaki enviroschools becoming a part of spreading Cloak.

Here is the Toko school bar, as it is currently on the page. Every time they earn a point (via their school being nominated via a sale) it shows on their bar-graph.

Toko School

no new games in the community yet

Every 10 points a new colour shows on the bar, as per below, and the school receives rewards.

Successful School

42 new games in the community

Also, Toko School will be helping me teach the game to other students at the Regional Day.

More news as we play the game!

PS Don’t forget to tell your friends about the game session at Puke Ariki “Discover it!” Children’s Library. Friday 22 March, 3-6pm (drop in). It’s another way for a school to win a game.

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