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predator = hunter

When I was in Taranaki, I found that I was changing the word predator to the word hunter.

Strangely, I find myself having to explain this word often!

In common usage a predator is an animal that lives by killing and eating other animals.

This is part of the natural order as in the statement ‘the population of rabbits is controlled by natural predators.’ (which they aren’t in NZ – of course)

In the game, and in NZ, the word predator has a different usage. It is also used to describe a species that has a significant impact on a bird species. As in ‘kiore caused many historical extinctions of forest & sea birds’

Here, the new hunters changed everything.

If you look at the booklet that comes with the game you will find more predator / hunter information.

in the game kiore help hunt to extinction huia, matuhi (bush wren), piopio, koreke (NZ quail), tutukiwi (snipe), & adzebill

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