Cloak of Protection

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Boxed set contains:
81 cards
fold-out rules of play
96 page booklet with interesting facts & trivia on each card
2-4 players (or groups)
For adults and for children (6+)
Illustrator: Morgan Rothwell
Environmental Scientist: John Innes

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To save our birds, you need to trade, draw & play to create a feather cloak of 15 cards in one bird realm: forest, settlement, sea, or extinct.

But BEWARE! Each card sports some predators – will they threaten your realm?

Fun & educational, Cloak of Protection, holds a mirror to human behaviour and the consequences of that behaviour for conservation of our native bird species.

Players develop understandings that help them make choices leading to positive action for the environment. The game contains competitive and collaborative elements, developing stategic thinking.

AWARD: Children’s Choice Award 2013. NZ Games Association

Mahara Gallery, Kapiti Coast.  Jan/Feb 2012
Expressions Arts & Entertainment Centre, Upper Hutt. Sept-Nov 2012

During Conservation Week, Sept 2013: students at 23 Wellington Enviroschools playing an astounding 2,584 games. See totals.

The Enviroschools networks in Wellington and Taranaki have formed a partnership with Kakariki Games to develop a teaching, learning and sales network for Cloak of Protection.

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19 reviews for Cloak of Protection

  1. helen

    Quite frankly Cloak of Protection is one of the best educational games I have come across (and I and my family are all into board and card games so we have tried a lot).

    Not only is the game play enjoyable (some luck, some strategy and negotiation), but I really appreciate the quality of the artwork, and the scope of the learning that takes place.

    Before even playing the game:
    We can examine the cards one realm at a time, and with the information on the predators we can see that some predators are a problem in some areas/habitats, and the damage they can do/have done.

    We can discuss how and why birds became extinct and it motivates us to help prevent more birds being exposed to predators.

    We can learn to identify and classify birds by their habitats and have interesting discussions about their physical features and how they might have adaptations to help them in their habitat.

    We can see the diversity and appreciate it, learn to do backyard surveys etc.

    Then we get to play, and the game is fun and engaging (and challenging when we are hit hard by predators, kids are building resilience skills too when they hit a big setback!).

    I have a multi-age classroom and students have played this from 6-12 years of age (the five year olds, and some six year olds can play, they just may be a little less savvy in negotiations, although there are others willing to support!).

    Although I have this as a learning game, it is on our shelf and available during wet lunch times and is a highly prized option.

    Helen. Teacher and Science Leader. Malfroy School.

  2. Shawn Winter

    Cloak of protection is a wonderfully made game. It amused myself and flat mates for many hours. I lent it to my work mates to play and they found it very interesting, as it provides great insight into New Zealand’s birds and the problems associated with introduced predators. Cloak of protection is a fun and interactive game that I find worked best in a group setting (3-4 people). I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning more about NZ wildlife, or is simply looking for a fun game to play with friends.

  3. Andrew

    I like this game

  4. Alina

    Since learning to play Cloak of Protection at KidsConnect on Thursday, I’ve played about 6 games! It’s fabulous and my students (and family) love it! Kia ora 🙂

    • JiL Hemming

      hey thanks Alina. warms my heart to know. kia ora

  5. Caragh Briggs

    We really enjoyed playing Cloak of Protection and we tried our hardest. It showed the groups that the birds were in like extinct, sea and forest. Our two favourite birds were the Huia and the Kokako. We have been looking at the Huia for our production so it was exciting to see it in the game. From Room 8

  6. Raroa Class Pukerua Bay

    We love your game. It is the best game ever. Thank you for coming out in your spare time and visiting us. Max really enjoyed beating you.
    We have learned a lot about nature.
    We would love to test your new game.
    Take care.

    • Jil


  7. Mura Teepu

    Thank you for the invite into participating into the cloak of protection games. Our tamariki & kaiako really enjoyed the interaction in playing each day. We have now incorporated this into our weekly timetable. We look forward to playing this online against other kura in the near future.
    Nāu te rourou, nāku te rourou, ka ora ai te iwi
    ( with your participation & my participation everybody learns)

    • Jil

      thankyou for playing so many games! Your news is awesome. And an online version would be wonderful!!

  8. Jen Vincent

    What a super game and great to have all our students and some parents/grandies involved. Very competitive and a brilliant concept of learning about conservation. You rock

  9. Melanie MacGregor

    What a great week we had playing Cloak of Protection. We loved playing this game and learning about what happens in our environment and learning about protecting our environment.
    The cards are so beautiful, we had some classes using the cards for art work for our local A and P Show.
    Congratulations Enviroschools on having such a wonderful week. We really enjoyed it.

    Carterton School

  10. Michelle Hawkins

    The korero of the students at Featherston School about protecting our wildlife and how they are affected by seemingly small things is just great. I love the way they are so competitive and wanting to check scores daily! They are still coming into class in the mornings and organising themselves into teams of whoever is there and getting on with it. I love how they don’t care who they are playing with because as they said – “We are all whanau.” It’s nice hearing the language coming out of the team playing and the new words they are learning (positive!)

    Now they have found out about other schools letting them take games home…….my guess is all games will be out this weekend with even more whanau learning about them. YAY!

    Have a great day all
    Featherston School

  11. Karen Stewart

    Lakeview’s Thursday totals 12 games played. Students really getting into this, before school and during break times.

  12. Michelle

    Kapanui School made the most of Wellington’s stormy, wet weather today and had heaps of children playing during their wet morning tea and lunch times. Our after school care programme also helped boost today’s wonderful total of 69 games played. They have introduced the game and had many groups playing yesterday. Great job Team!!!

  13. Elizabeth

    Naenae Primary pupils are really enjoying the game. They think the game is amazing and are having fun teaching it to more of their friends.
    “This game is the best”
    “This game teaches us about the environment”
    Today we have played 50 games.
    There is a real buzz around the school with lots of games of cloak of protection being played.

  14. Fiona

    Loving the game at St Bens
    Students have learnt the game prior to this week, with their families and are teaching others at lunch time.
    We are having a lunchtime session for them to teach others.
    Monday -15 games played
    Tuesday-20 games played
    Several looking to buy their own set of cards.
    With thanks

  15. Michelle Hawkins


    Great thinking skills going on here today. (Monday) The class are thinking of different strategies to use whilst trying to look cool and calm! The games are challenging their thinking and building relationships. Ka pai tamariki. The wairua in the class is just great with everybody discussing the finer points of the game and helping one another if needed.

  16. Rochelle

    We had a fantastic start to Game Week at Kapanui! It was an extra special start to our week to have Jill visit us as the lunchtime group of about 40 kids played their games. The kids loved giving Jill feedback about their favourite parts of the game. Thanks Jill!!!

  17. Chrissie

    This game is a fantastic xmas gift. It will amuse your children for hours. When I was relief teaching I taught the game to a class of 8-9 year olds and they absolutely loved it! We had a ‘Native bird’ themed day. The students researched a bird and shared their findings with the class. I went to the library and was able to get around thirteen books on Native birds. The children chose an image of a bird and we developed them into pencil sketches on black paper. The results were amazing. My own knowledge of New Zealand birds and predators went on a huge growth curve. Well done Jil, your game rocks! Chrissie

  18. Marie-Luise

    Cloak of Protection is a very clever game, with beautiful pictures of NZ native birds – I recommend it! Student / Kapanui School

  19. Wendy

    As the children become more familiar with the game….negotiation skills and competition begins to heat up. People even start to play NASTY games! All in good fun of course…enjoy. Take it on a tramping trip for livening up the evenings! teacher / Kapanui School

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