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school rewards

Since the launch of our partnership in Sept 2012, eighteen Wellington Enviroschools have registered on this site. With their help, we now have 90 more games in the community (ie sold)!!

This partnership enables students and their families to sell games for points for their school, in a rewards system.

After feedback, we have made some changes to the reward system. Now it goes like this:

Enroll your school in programme: your school receives 1 game.

Then for every 10 games sold (where your school is nominated), your enviroschool can receive either:
2 games; OR 1 game + $25; OR $50

Everytime another 10 games are sold, the enviroschool teacher (or group) gets to choose which reward!

This way, more games should get into the classrooms, and schools will be able to start collecting classroom sets.

Their students will need to know how to play the game really well, because all participating Wellington schools will be invited to our annual regional ‘Enviroschools + Cloak of Protection’ play-off, starting Sept 2013.

Should be a blast!

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