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skat cat!

It was a week where cats caught were caught up in a media storm.

The ‘friendly neighbourhood serial killer’ said the Cats to Go website.

And there was John Innes being quoted. John is famous for many things. He is NZ’s rat specialist. Yes! such a person does exist. But, more important to us, John did all the spine work for the game (which predator eats what), and compiled the book that comes with the game.

“In New Zealand native forests,” said John “ship rats are the major prey, and this little-seen predator eats many more birds than cats do.

“I agree with the website that ‘we need to control cats and rats together’. . .

“In the meantime, pet cat owners should educate themselves about the possible threats of their cats to local wildlife and they should plant trees and shrubs suitable for native wildlife.“

Reminds me of the Ogden Nash poem:
bigger fleas have littler fleas upon their back to bite ’em
littler fleas have littler fleas
and so ad infinitum

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