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some interesting questions

The following interesting questions have come through from Lesley, this week.

I have questions that don’t seem to be covered in the instructions.

1) Can cards be transferred from the hand to the cloak at any time? Can they also be transferred back?

2) When then initial 5 cards are dealt, does this constitute the first row of the cloak, or are they the initial hand?

3) Does the cloak need to be built row by row (as you would if you were really weaving) or can the cards be placed anywhere in the cloak?

Reply / Jil says:

Everything can be moved at any time. The Cloak is not finished (woven) until all cards are laid out into the shape. When I first teach the game, we lay out a Cloak as we play. But as players get more experienced they get quite adept at hiding cards in the open ie not putting a complete cloak together until the last moment.

Also the initial 5 cards are just the initial hand – some may be used anywhere in your cloak, some may be used for trading, and some may be eaten by a predator.

Hope this helps. tnxs for the questions.

Lesley says:

Thanks for the answers. Just one follow-up question, do the predators take cards from both the cloak and the hand?

Reply / Jil says:
Thanks for these questions. Yes, the predators take cards from both the cloak and the hand. This makes people look very carefully at their hand (& at other people’s) before they decide on an action – to sacrifice the birds, to use a god, to use their Pandora & give it to someone else.

Other news: Drew has chosen Te Ra School, Raumati South, Kapiti Coast, to receive a game. This is a great choice as parents from the school have been purchasing the game, but the school itself has not had a copy! These choices are proving very interesting for me!

Meanwhile, birds on Kapiti Island (5km off-shore my beach) “one of New Zealand’s most important nature reserves” are thriving. Including hihi, the stitchbird. Conservation Department staff now believe (that after a 3-year programme) the island is now free of stoats.

In Cloak of Protection hihi gets eaten by ship rat + stoat

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