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takahikare-moana / white-faced storm petrel

In March, masses & masses of these small birds fly from the warm waters of the eastern Pacific, to our off-shore islands. The largest colony in New Zealand on South East Island (Chathams) has 1 million breeding pairs.

Dropping down through the trees, they blanket the air and the ground.

Burrows are so well hidden – that you could walk over a colony in the daytime and never know it was there.

They’re hidden from sight, but not from nose or ear! Their strong, musky smell and their loud night-time calls can gave them away.

Over 150-200 years, kiore (the pacific rat) removed huge numbers of petrels from the mainland.

Today the Norway rat and the cat can wipe them all out.

In Cloak of Protection takahikare-moana are eaten by kiore, cat & Norway rat

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