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Flew down to Invercargill last weekend, to see my parents. And down we went, straight to Oreti Beach. Only a few things (as an adult) stay as huge as they were when I was a child. The vista of Oreti Beach is one of them. Endless beach, brisk breeze, waves coming in from the ice-pack at the bottom of the world.

And as I walked hand-in-hand with my mother toward the waves that I once skipped & hopped, a flock of terns took off in front of us. It’s a very long time since I’ve watched a whole flock lift-off. And this one was a thrill. They flew level at head-height for a while, so I got a good view of their long forked tails, before they broke into various directions.

That was the end of the holiday season. January has been the luxury of planning. Now we’re back to spreading the cloak. I’ll keep you informed as dates & events get closer. So plse keep an eye out!

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