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Taranaki Regional Enviroschools Day

Taranaki was a blast! First we went out to Toko School where all of Mrs Stark’s class learnt the game. They were quick & smart!

So – the next day, at beautiful Pukeiti, they helped me teach the game.

It was the Taranaki Regional Enviroschools Day. We had 10 schools, and over 120 students who came to us in groups of 30+. So we put them into groups of 4, and with each group we had either a Toko School student, or an adult.

We were really fortunate that Mrs Stark was there, and that she has one of those voices that make students stop and listen!!

So, everyone there – including the adults – learnt the game. This is a massive thankyou to Mrs Stark and her students. You made it happen really smoothly!

Then, on the last day, we played at Puke Ariki “Discover it”. The central library in New Plymouth. We had a draw afterwards, and a game is on its way to St John Bosco School, in Fitzroy. Congratulations!

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