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the Pollinator Crisis

seen any native bees lately?

is “off the charts, and downright scary.”

The Krefeld Entomological Society (est. 1905) has discovered huge declines in several observation sites throughout Western Europe.

In Australia, Jack Hasenpusch, an entomologist and owner of the Australian Insect Farm which collects swarms of wild insects, says: “. . . it’s left me dumbfounded, I can’t figure out what’s going on.”

Here in NZ, we’re still visited by moths at night, still finding bugs squashed on our car windscreens, still able to lie in an apple orchard and watch the hoverflies working, still able to visit a community garden in summer to watch oodles of native bees. . .

. . .and can even find a wild honeybee nest down where the free range chooks roam (which I did last week)

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