Game Week Totals 2013


25 schools associated with Enviroschools Wellington & Taranaki, are playing Cloak of Protection, during Conservation Week, 9-15 Sept 2013. Read about Cloak of Protection Game Week

View this page, after 7pm each day, to see running totals of games played.
Plus watch for daily updates & rewards. And view our blog for pictures++

& Taranaki
of games

Cannons Creek School


Carterton School


Clifton Terrace Model School

Corinna School


Dyer Street School


Featherston School


Gladstone School


Greytown Primary


Highlands Intermediate Taranaki

Houghton Valley School


Kapanui School


Marco School Taranaki


Lakeview School, Masterton


Maungaraki School


Naenae Primary


Paparangi School


Porirua School


Pukerua Bay School


Rata Street School


St Patricks School, Masterton


St Benedicts School


South End School, Carterton


Tawhai Primary


TKKM o Te Ara Whanui


Wainuiomata Primary




Total Games Played


Prizes are as above, coming this week. You’ve all been fabulous & amazing. Thankyou.

ALSO the following schools will be asked whether we should have an addition to a rule (news when they decide), plus they will be invited next year to test the next Kakariki game (response, totally optional, of course)
Carterton School: for wonderful blogging & being tech savvy. You also win a family pass to pukaha MOUNT BRUCE
Corinna School: more games than people in your school!
Dyer Street School: massive effort & exceptional hospitality
Featherson School: way more games than people in your school!
Gladstone School: more games than people + you taught the game to another school. You also win a family pass to pukaha MOUNT BRUCE
Kapanui School: for adding an element by having a king/queen of the Cloak
Marco School: small school – big involvement
Naenae Primary: more games than people – amazing effort!
Pukerua Bay: more games than people + for developing your own fabulous strategies
Tawhai School: for giving the rest of us the idea that games could be borrowed & taken home!!
TKKM o Te Ara Whanui: for wonderful blogging & being tech savvy

43 thoughts on “Game Week Totals 2013

  1. We really enjoyed playing Cloak of Protection and we tried our hardest. It showed the groups that the birds were in like extinct, sea and forest. Our two favourite birds were the Huia and the Kokako. We have been looking at the Huia for our production so it was exciting to see it in the game. From Room 8

    1. Morgan did the illustrations with an airbrush ie by spraying inks!! He did a fabulous job.

  2. The week was awesome and we love your game. It is the best game ever. Thank you for coming out in your spare time and visiting us. Max really enjoyed beating you.
    We have learned a lot about nature.
    We would love to test your new game.
    Take care.

  3. What a super game and great to have all our students and some parents/grandies involved. Very competitive and a brilliant concept of learning about conservation. You rock

  4. We had a great week playing the game. 4 more games over the weekend. Thanks for the prizes!

  5. A total of 12 games played at home and at lunchtime for Friday the 13th. September.

  6. Wainuiomata Primary School has had a fantastic week playing cloak of protection.
    This week we have played 15 games!

  7. On Friday, Lakeview School played 15 games. Thank you we have had a great time, the kids have really got into the game and I am sure that it will be played lots in wet lunch times, breaks and before school.
    Well Done and thank you.

  8. Our students at Marco School, completed 12 games today and have taken the games home to play in the weekend
    With Mum and dads and Grandies…

  9. We played 62 games at Naenae Primary today. It has been an awesome week. Thank you

  10. 25 games played today again! What a great week we had playing Cloak of Protection. We loved playing this game and learning about what happens in our environment and learning about protecting our environment.
    The cards are so beautiful, we had some classes using the cards for art work for our local A and P Show.
    Congratulations Enviroschools on having such a wonderful week. We really enjoyed it.

    We hope to continue our learning and showing respect for our environment next week during Keep New Zealand Beautiful Week.

    Carterton School

  11. The korero of the students at Featherston School about protecting our wildlife and how they are affected by seemingly small things is just great. I love the way they are so competitive and wanting to check scores daily! They are still coming into class in the mornings and organising themselves into teams of whoever is there and getting on with it. I love how they don’t care who they are playing with because as they said – “We are all whanau.” It’s nice hearing the language coming out of the team playing and the new words they are learning (positive!)

    Now they have found out about other schools letting them take games home…….my guess is all games will be out this weekend with even more whanau learning about them. YAY!

    Have a great day all
    Featherston School

  12. The kids are loving the challenging games and are wayyy better than they were on Day One. 37 games played today from Featherston School. Heoi Ano

  13. 25 games today. A great effort! Tomorrow we are heading over to our Tuakana/Teina (Buddy Class) to teach them how to play. We are looking forward to it!

  14. Lakeview’s Thursday totals 12 games played. Students really getting into this, before school and during break times.

  15. Saint Patricks have played a total of 28 games over the last 2 days. We love it and are becoming very competitive! Liz Keane

  16. Sorry couldn’t post our totals last evening as with the storm have had no power at home since 4.30 yesterday afternoon and it is still out this morning along with the phones. School does have power this morning! Yesterday we played 14 games. Going well.

  17. Thank you so much to the six fantastic helpers who came from Room 12 to
    teach us the Cloak of Protection game.
    We LOVED it!

  18. Tawhai’s total today was 46. We’re loving it!

  19. Our fine students at Marco School are so cool and have managed to complete 18 games today.
    The wind and rain has kept them indoors…

  20. St Benedicts School. Cloak of protection game session Wednesday 11 Sept.
    We had a lunch time session and the enviro leaders taught other children how to play.
    Estimate that 15 long and tactical games were played. Children are really interested and going to website to find out more.

  21. One room at Maungaraki School played 6 games today!? Wow – we have had another 4 games so thats a total of 10 🙂
    thanks – kids loving it 🙂

  22. Kapanui School made the most of Wellington’s stormy, wet weather today and had heaps of children playing during their wet morning tea and lunch times. Our after school care programme also helped boost today’s wonderful total of 69 games played. They have introduced the game and had many groups playing yesterday. Great job Team!!!

  23. Featherston School, 38 games. Big day here! They are getting really skillful.

  24. Naenae Primary pupils are really enjoying the game. They think the game is amazing and are having fun teaching it to more of their friends.
    “This game is the best”
    “This game teaches us about the environment”
    Today we have played 50 games.
    There is a real buzz around the school with lots of games of cloak of protection being played.

  25. 29 games played today here at Carterton School. We had 6 older children go over and teach some of the Junior Student in Room 5. They even put some photos on their classroom blog. Well done Carterton School.

  26. Wonderful to see varieties of the game being played – as schools make the game their own. Some schools are taking out some predators, when they’ve been through the pack (undealt pile) once. Others (after watching the video) are choosing to finish a game after a certain amount of time eg 20 minutes & declaring a winner ie the one with the biggest cloak, that has a god at the top.

  27. Great to meet you today Jil, and thanks so much for playing a game with the girls. They really enjoyed it. Today we played 24 games

  28. Kia ora
    Our students at Marco School, played 8 games today. Really great for our little rural enviro-school on the Forgotten Highway. Rainbows and flowers

  29. St Patrick’s School Masterton have started lots of games but have got to a 4 row cloak or finished a game at home 9 times in total over Monday and Tuesday.

  30. Lovely to see you again today JiL
    So our totals for Mon and Tues are 69. It could be a one off because we devoted our maths time today and our Smarts time. I believe you stayed there through-out.

  31. Loving the game at St Bens
    Students have learnt the game prior to this week, with their families and are teaching others at lunch time.
    We are having a lunchtime session for them to teach others.
    Monday -15 games played
    Tuesday-20 games played
    Several looking to buy their own set of cards.
    With thanks

  32. Kapanui has played a total of 33 games today. Still rearing to go!

  33. Corinna school played 59 games today and loving it!!

  34. Gladstone School played a total of 11 games yesterday – we have 4 students in the library each lunchtime this week teaching the game to students from other classes. Gill Stewart is taking 4 ‘experts’ to Wainuioru School on Thursday to teach them the game – which they are very excited about. They are loving being the ‘tutors’ – will send some pictures in the next few days.

  35. St Patrick’s School Masterton is enjoying lunch with a great game! Packs going home at night with families. Great to see very game wise Year 1 and 2s teaching our Year 5 qnd 6s! Liz Keane.

  36. Another great day with 17 games played. This includes one played at home with a family. It is so great to see other classes taking the game packs and playing the game. Well done Carterton School!

    1. We also sent home the Cloak of Protection flyer advertising the game today. Hopefully we will have other families buying and playing this awesome game.

  37. Tuesday, 11 games played

  38. Kia ora aroha mai, missed the deadline yesterday TAWKKM played 14 games yesterday will add todays totals this afternoon. Congratulations to Lakeview school

  39. We had a fantastic start to Game Week at Kapanui! It was an extra special start to our week to have Jill visit us as the lunchtime group of about 40 kids played their games. The kids loved giving Jill feedback about their favourite parts of the game. Thanks Jill!!!

  40. Lakeview school played 5 games of cloak of protection today – 9/09/13

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