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half-way into our Nov/Dec promotion

SO. Here’s how our Christmas holiday gift offer – for every 5 games sold your school gets one free – is going. It’s our Nov/Dec promotion.

Plimmerton School have already received their free game! Congratulations!

And of schools who are registered as part of Enviroschools Wellington, 2 schools are very close to a free game. Douglas Park School is sitting on 4 out of 5, & St Benedicts School is sitting on 3 out of 5.

Also, if you buy but select ‘no school’ then for these two months I am adding these reward points to our low decile schools in Porirua.

Cloak of Protection is a really great Christmas present! Last summer it was played & played on rainy January days (there’s always some!)

A big thankyou to everyone who is helping spread the Cloak. Magic!

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  1. St Benedicts School reached 5 sales tonight! A game is on its way to the school!

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